The purpose of this website is to showcase songs born in San Francisco, from the hearts and minds of artists who share a passion:

Music that makes you dance and think.

People have always listened to music one song at a time. Now the internet allows us to share our music one song at a time.

So, please download free mp3 recordings of the songs and lyrics from our first compilation, as well as previews of songs and lyrics from our second compilation. 

For those of you who prefer listening to music on compact discs, please order our CD, Atomic Songs 1.0. You can download the CD insert anytime from this site.

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Our goal is to share our music with as many people as possible, and continue recording new songs. You can support us by promoting Atomic Songs. Please distribute the mp3s, and spread the word.

We are open to licensing, publishing, and other commercial  or non-commercial arrangements that would help us broaden our audience. Please contact us with ideas, suggestions, or connections.